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Tax Preparation for individuals

We are dedicated to meeting all of your needs in a timely, accurate, and personable manner. Services like income tax preparation, completed by Enrolled Agents who are interested in helping you minimize your tax liability, maximize your credits and get you the best possible result.

However, today's tax regulations are so complex that even submitting a very simple return may be a headache for many of us. All too often, people fail to claim credits and deductions to which they are entitled. There is no replacement for the advice of a tax expert, even if you use tax preparation software.

You have to request tax credits in your tax return by filling specific tax forms, it is not automatically granted. This is a list of tax credits available for 2022 Tax Season: 

  • Child Tax Credit 

  • Child and Dependent Care Credit 

  • Adoption Credit 

  • Earned Income Credit 

  • Education credits 

  • Saver’s Credit 

  • Inflation Reduction Act energy incentives 

  • Clean Vehicle Credit 

  • Previously Owned Clean Vehicle Credit 

  • Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit (aka Nonbusiness Energy Credit) 

  • Residential Clean Energy Credit 

Do not leave money on the table! We make sure you get all you qualify for.

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